6 Things Girls Don’t Want Guys To Know About Them


Money Really Isn’t Everything – It might come as a huge surprise that she really doesn’t care how much money you make, how much money you have, or how much money you plan to make. Although it would be nice to be spoiled, she is really fine with eating that burger and fries at a beach bar and watching the sun set. She would rather count change and be alone with you in a coffee shop that having money thrown around as he tries to impress the world.

She Is Not Into Sports – She may tell you early on that she loves certain sports, but that is because she has been brushing up on your favorite teams because she wants you to think you connect on other levels too. Secretly, she hates sports, she doesn’t care who won that game, and she isn’t impressed he knows every player by name, number, and stats.

She Loves His Flaws – While most guys are trying to hide their flaws, she actually is really into them. She likes that he can’t dance, he can’t play cards, or doesn’t have washboard abs. She really does embrace his flaws because it shows he is real, and fake is bad in any relationship. When he is confident and has a bunch of flaws, she finds him irresistible. The secret here, she doesn’t tell him this is why she is really drawn to him.