7 Important Exercises For Developing Stronger Bones


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According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the best ways to fight off the effects of osteoporosis is weight-bearing exercises that stress muscles and bones more than you normally do. The earlier that you develop these exercises into your daily routine, the better chance that you have of protecting your bones in your later years. These simple exercises for stronger bones are not too challenging and can actually be quite fun if you find different places and ways to incorporate them.

1. Strength Training

In studies conducted by the NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases Resource Center, strength training provides adequate resistance that will improve your bones. Using a weight machine, lifting weights, resistance training, and calisthenics are all effective exercises for stronger bones. Whether using free weights or weight machines, by stressing a sequence of bones and muscles you will help to fight off certain bone diseases in your later years. Every few days you can focus your efforts on the arms, shoulders, legs, and back. Exercising at least twice a week will stimulate your bone growth.

2. Tai Chi

Although Tai Chi is primarily graceful slow movements, this unique form of exercise can build both strong bones and coordination. According to studies that were conducted by Physician and Sports Medicine, Tai Chi exercises conducted a half hour for five days a week showed patients had bone loss rates that were three times slower than those not taking part in the exercises. The one benefit of taking Tai Chi classes is that there are several different degrees of these exercises, so even beginners or the elderly can benefit from the positive effects.