7 Important Exercises For Developing Stronger Bones


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3. Dancing

It doesn’t matter your dancing experience or if you have two left feet, dancing is an exercise that will certainly have a huge positive impact on your bone health. Check to see if the local college is offering classes in rumba, foxtrot, salsa, samba, or the tango. By moving and shaking more than your hips, your heart will begin pumping faster and helping in the building of those strong bones. If these types of classes are not available, you can get the same benefits taking a step, aerobics, or kickboxing class.

4. Racket Sports

Paddle tennis, squash, and tennis are great ways to get the exercise you need to strengthen bones in the body. Each time you contact the ball with the racket, you are stressing the wrist, shoulder, arm, hips, legs, and spine. Take part in singles classes so that you get more involved during each session. This is one form of exercise where the more you run around chasing that ball, the better in terms of bone health. The more your weight is shifted and the feet absorb that impact, the stronger the bones in the legs will become.

5. Yoga

A study that was released by the National Bone Health Alliance showed that patients who did yoga regularly saw an increase in bone mineral density in their spines. It didn’t matter if you were involved in the vigorous ashtanga or the slow-moving lyengar style yoga, it has the ability to help build stronger bones in the hips, wrists, and the spine. These are the bones in the body that are more susceptible to fracture as you get older. To work the larger bones in the body like the legs and hips, standing poses are more effective. The wrists, arms, and shoulders get more benefit from exercises like the downward dog pose. Yoga also helps to sharpen your balance, improve concentration, and prevent falls by increasing your coordination.