7 Incredible Health Benefits of Wheat Bran in Your Diet


Amazing Health Benefits of Wheat Bran
Not sure what wheat bran is or all the amazing health benefits of wheat bran? The outer layer of the grain cereal resulting from the refining process is nothing more than the natural wrapper of the wheat plant. The wheat bran wrapper actually contains multiple health benefits as well as providing you your daily allowance of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. This outer shell of the wheat plant can aid in digestion, add some bulk to your stool, and will even prevent constipation.

Here are just some of the incredible health benefits of wheat bran and why you need to be incorporating it into your diet today:

1. Lowering Cancer Rates – Wheat bran has antioxidant properties, and according to research conducted at Cornell University, a study revealed a unique link between the whole grains and lower rates of breast, colon, and prostate cancers. Compared to cereals made with oat bran, the wheat bran provided better results in patients who were suffering with a variety of diseases. Cancer of the digestive system was experienced in less patients who were eating a healthy diet rich in the wheat bran.

2. Making Up for Lost Nutrients – According to research conducted at Harvard University, the majority of people are eating baked goods, pasta, and breads made from white flour that has been refined and stripped of its nutritional properties. When the bran and germ are removed, so are those essential minerals and vitamins the body needs to stay healthy. Eating more foods like wheat pancakes, muffins, and cereals will add zinc, iron, and vitamin B back into your diet to make up for the deficiency in your diet. The study went on to show that eating more wheat bran can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease.