7 Reasons You Must Not Use Body Towel On Your Face



You must also remember that if you damage the skin, with you potentially not even being aware of it, then this is going to lead to you increasing the possibility of you actually picking up more infections just from the open air. In addition, if you are female and use make-up, then you can open up the pores on the skin leading to bacteria being transferred from your make-up brushes and getting into your skin.

4. Bacteria can be picked up

People will often use a body towel on a number of occasions before they think about putting it in the laundry and this is where there is a problem. You might think that you are clean since you have just stepped out of the shower and even though that may be the case there will still be bacteria on the body towel. What then happens is the bacteria from the towel can be transferred onto your face. We previously mentioned this being an issue for people that suffer from acne, but it can also lead to a number of other bacterial infections occurring. You must remember that bacteria is very good at moving around or else we would not become ill.