7 Reasons You Must Not Use Body Towel On Your Face


5. Think about where you have been drying

Now, this is not going to be too pleasant to hear, but you need to stop and think about the parts of your body that you are drying with the towel and then using to dry your face. We are of course mainly talking about your butt and if you stop and think about it what are the chances of you actually picking up some rather unsightly material, on a microscopic level, and then that microscopic material being put on your face. That really is not a nice thing to even consider, but it is a good enough reason for you to stop using the same towel on both areas. We are not saying that you are unable to clean yourself, but it is all too easy to miss tiny spots of dirt anywhere on your body, but the rough nature of the towel will certainly pick it up and that is when problems can arise.