7 Things Girls Do Before Going Out



The secret is out ladies, we are about to reveal those 7 things girls do before going out that will surprise you.

1. Delaying the Inevitable – Whether the party starts in 3 hours or in 30 minutes, she is standing in that bathroom and delaying taking a shower until the absolute last second without making herself too late. Once she hits that point where she realizes she is going to be late, game on and she scrambles to get as much done in as little time as possible.

2. Time in Front of a Mirror – She is doing more in front of that mirror than applying makeup. She is looking at herself and having endless debates on whether she should wash her hair, maybe use a dab of shampoo, or just go with some volumizing spray. She wonders if she wants it more oily, straighter, curlier, flatter, higher, or if it needs a trim here and there. If you only knew how long she debated with herself about her hair, you would be shocked.

3. Pump Up the Volume – She is playing music in the bathroom based on the mood she wants to be tonight. The song list she is playing as she gets ready is like an open book as to what everyone can expect when they see her tonight. She may be in a cranky mood, loving, dominating, or seductive, the music will tell the story.