7 Things Girls Do Before Going Out





Timing Everything Perfectly – She knows there is going to be a point when she looks incredible in the bathroom, but that look may not make it to when she is finally with the rest of the group. In order to get her look perfected, she has to time everything so it all falls into place long after she is out of the bathroom. This means drying and straightening the hair only so much, so it has the perfect look an hour from now.

Shaving or not Shaving – She is in the bathroom having debates with herself as to how much or how little she can shave before she goes out. If she wants to go sleeveless and with a short shirt, she needs to get shaving. If she can cover up key parts of her body, she can skip shaving and focus on things like her hair for the thirty-seventh time.

Quick Makeup Touch Up – When she has to touch up her make-up, this doesn’t translate to seconds or even minutes. In the real world, this is a task that could take hours if she is not trimming corners. Look in her makeup bag, drawers and cabinets, you see an endless array of eyeliners, lipstick, blush, foundation, cover-up, to name a few.

Picking The Perfect Outfit РJust minutes before it is time to go, there she is in her underwear staring at hundreds of skirts, dresses, tops, pants, and crying she has nothing to wear. Her goal is simple, finding that one outfit that makes her look skinny, stylish,  and all-that in only a few minutes. Piece of cake.