7 Things You Absolutely Need To Know If You Wear Contact Lenses



3. See Your Doctor Regularly

Some people who wear contacts believe that they only need to see their doctor every couple of years. This is definitely wrong. The truth is, it a must to have at least one eye check up every year. Always talk to your doctor whenever you feel the need for an eye check up. It is also important to learn to listen to your body. If in case you are experiencing pain redness or light sensitivity, see a doctor as soon as possible. There could be different reasons for such, including an infection from amoeba, fungus, or bacteria. If you don’t go and see your doctor right away, it could lead to serious trouble.

4. Don’t Let Them Get Wet

This is another important thing you need to remember if you wear contact lenses. Never ever let your contacts get wet. If there is a need to go out swimming or take a wear, take them out. Hot tubs, lakes, tap water and swimming pools may contain an organism known as Acanthamoeba. With this, it may lead to eye infection. Always remind yourself that your contact lenses should never come in contact with any type of harmful organism. Since you will put your lenses onto the surface of your eyeball, your contact lenses should be clean and sanitized all the time. Doctors recommend that lenses should be cleaned on a daily basis. Ask your doctor about how you can properly clean and sanitize your lenses. Aside from the contacts, you should also thoroughly clean your contacts case. You can do this once a week. Wash the case with gentle soap and water. Let it dry and store properly.

5. If You Accidentally Sleep In Them, Stay Calm And Don’t Panic

Even though how many times you remind yourself, there are times when you wouldn’t be able to take off your contacts before going to sleep. Occasionally, everybody will fall asleep in their lenses. If this happens to you, do not panic. It is important to stay calm. According to experts, if you’re panicked it can actually do you more harm than food. The moment you wake up, do not take off your contact lenses right away. It is advisable to make use of a lubricating drop and allow the lenses to juice up before taking them off. In case you experience pain or eye redness, call your doctor right away. Your doctor will prescribe proper treatment to you.