7 Things You Absolutely Need To Know If You Wear Contact Lenses


6. Do Not Rub Your Eyes When Wearing Contacts
Sometimes you rub your eyes because they are itchy. However, if you are wearing contacts, remember that rubbing your eyes is a no-no. You should always prevent it from happening. If you constantly rub your eyes while wearing contacts, you may put your eyes at risk. There are possibilities that it may lead to a medical condition known as keratoconus. If this condition becomes worse, this could lead to blurred vision. If some cases, this may require corneal transplant.

7. Replace Your Contact Lenses Regularly

As recommended by your eye care specialist, you need to replace your contact lenses. You should throw away or get rid of disposable lenses after their recommended wearing period. Some people are not aware that contact lenses have their specific expiration dates. Talk to your eye care professional about this matter. Aside from this, do not use any medicine or topical eye products without asking your specialist about first. The truth is, there are medicines that may irritate your eyes or affect your vision when you use them with contact lenses.

Keep in mind that in wearing contact lenses, you should always remember that ones mentioned above. If you are not sure about the care routines, proper storage, solutions of any optical products, you can seek the help of an eye doctor. This way, you can be assured that you are doing the right thing when it comes to wearing contact lenses. Aside from this, if you witness unethical and unsafe practices by any contact lens seller or provider, it is best to contact proper authorities to take care of the matter. The eyes are a very important part of the body. Proper knowledge and care is a must.