8 Common Dangerous Weight Loss Methods You Must Not Try


Weight Loss

When it comes to shedding excess pounds, more people each year are turning to extreme methods to lose weight. With the focus on the end result, many folks are turning a blind eye to their health in exchange for a more physically appealing body. The simple truth however is people are getting sick and causing irreversible damage to their bodies in an effort to look better. Before you consider a diet fad, carefully consider these common dangerous weight loss methods you must not try.

1. The Starving Method

One of the most popular ways to try and lose weight is to simply starve yourself. People have been trying this method for years, whether trying to fit into that wedding gown next week or slimming down for a high school reunion that is fast approaching. The simple truth is that this method fails 100% of the time, no exceptions. Starving yourself and drinking more water only intensifies your hunger cravings. By avoiding foods for a certain period of time, you deprive the body of nutrients and will either suffer from extreme pain or collapse.

2. The Stomach Stapling Procedure


The stomach stapling procedure is where a surgeon will reduce the size of the stomach that is no bigger than a one ounce pouch. The thought is that by holding less food, the body will eventually slim down to a healthier size. Food intake is drastically reduced after surgery, and weight loss can occur too quickly for some people resulting in organs failing and severe pain. Excess eating can be mental, and although the stomach is smaller, many will still try to stuff themselves out of habit. The procedure can be very risky and is one of the common dangerous weight loss methods you must not try.