8 Exercises for Good Looking Thighs


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3. Lunges

If you have never done lunges before, then you are missing out on a fabulous exercise for toning your thighs and the best part is you can do them anywhere and at any point in the day. With these, you need to begin with your legs spread slightly and put your hands on your hips. You should then take one big step and make sure that your thigh is parallel with the floor and your knee is vertical. Your other leg should be bent so you are effectively just on your toes and hold the position. Change leg and repeat the same process and try to work your way up to being able to do 20 of them for each leg.

4. Stair climbers

Stair climbers are undoubtedly one of the best ways to tone your thighs and even though they are tough to do, the results that you get are astonishing. The best part is that you do not even have to go to the gym to do this because if you have stairs at home, then they are going to be just as good. The key is to really use your thighs as the power source for the stairs with you pushing off to increase that power and if you do not have stairs, then even a step that can be bought for step aerobics is going to make a difference although that will require some more work on your part.

5. Leg lifts

This exercise is going to require you to lie on the floor, so if you have a yoga mat then it is best to get it out. Have your elbow propping you up and your head in your hand and then all you have to do is to life your leg and make sure that you stretch it towards the ceiling as best you can. You will notice that you can get it further the more you do this exercise as it will not only help to tone your thigh, but it will also increase your flexibility as well. However, one important part is that you lower your leg slowly to put added pressure on the muscle and try to do this ten times with each leg.