8 Exercises for Good Looking Thighs


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6. Walking

Just simply walking is going to make a difference when it comes to toning your upper thighs and if you are able to include the occasional incline in your walk, then that is going to be even better just as long as you use your thighs as the power source. You can also jog or run, but if you do not feel up to that, or if your fitness levels do not allow you, then do not be put off as walking at a brisk pace is going to do your thighs the world of good. Start off with a short walk and build your fitness levels as well as the pace you walk at in order to get better results.

7. Leg extensions

This exercise is going to require you to go back to your yoga mat and to lie down on it. However, this time, you need to lie down on your belly and extend your legs out behind you keeping them as straight as possible. When you are ready, you need to lift both of your legs up and do so as high as possible and then hold it in that position for the count of 5 before lowering them. Ideally, when your legs get stronger you are going to build it up to a count of 10, but 5 is going to be tough enough at the start without you pushing yourself too far. Also, try to do 10 reps at the start with you then building up to doing 20 later on.

8. Cycling

Finally, getting on your bicycle is going to be a wonderful way of building those thighs and you will also burn a substantial amount of calories at the same time. However, begin on the flat until you get some basic strength in those muscles before trying a small incline with some resistance on your bicycle. As you get stronger, you can increase the resistance as well as the size of the hill to get more toned thighs.
As you can see, there are a number of options when it comes to exercises that are going to result in you having more toned and stronger thighs. However, as with every exercise it does boil down to how much effort you plan on putting in as to how much you get out of it, but if you push yourself as much as possible, then you will see a difference in next to no time.