8 Foods That Cause Excess Sweating



Running, jogging, working out and doing other physical activities can cause excess sweating. However, there are other reasons why too much sweating happens. Eating can also lead to excessive sweating specifically if you eat certain foods that promote the release of salty fluid from your sweat glands. There are foods that increase sweating, while others minimize the amount of sweat produced by your body. If you are curious about the different foods that cause excess sweating, here’s a list:

1. Foods With High Salt Content

According to statistics, the average American eats about 12 grams of salt on a daily basis. However, the WHO reminds everyone that the recommended daily amount is just 4 grams every day. If you eat too much salt, chances are, your body turns into a sweating machine, causing it to sweat excessively. This is because as you consume salt, your body will sweat in order to get rid of the sodium from your system. So the next time you eat salty foods and sweat more than the usual, don’t be surprised anymore. If you cannot prevent yourself from eating salty foods, it is advisable to drink lots of water after eating to prevent dehydration and fluid retention.

2. High Fat Milk

Did you know that dairy products such as high fat milk can cause sweating? This is because dairy products are high in protein. A diet rich in protein may lead to several side effects, including sweating. If you consume a protein-rich milk, your body will excrete more amount of water or fluid than the usual, resulting to excessive urination and sweating. However, if you really want to drink milk on a daily basis, you may opt for alternatives such as low fat or skimmed milk in order to minimize the sweat output of your body.