8 Foods That Increase The Stroke Chance



In the United States alone, stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death in the whole country. Approximately, there are 795,000 people who suffer from stroke every year. One of the things that can trigger the condition is the wrong choice of food. What you eat can make or break your overall health. With this, we have come up with a list of 8 processed foods that increase the stroke chance.

1. Diet Soda

Diet sodas contain lots of artificial sweetener. With this high level of artificial sugar, the body may suffer from inflammation. When inflammation happens in the body, it may lead to stroke. It is therefore important to avoid drinking diet soda if you are concerned of your health. If possible, drink purified water or real fruit juices instead of a diet soda because they are healthy alternatives.

2. Processed and Artificial Foods

If you want to lower the risk for stroke, beware of processed foods you can easily purchase on the market. Processed foods such as bacon and hotdogs are high in sodium nitrate and nitrite. These substances have been found to damage the blood vessels in the body. With damaged blood vessels, the body becomes prone to suffering a stroke. Do not just rely on processed foods to feed your family. Make an effort to prepare healthy and delicious meals. As much as possible, cook dishes that are made with green and leafy vegetables.

3. Fatty Meats

Fatty meats are packed with protein. At the same time, they contain high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. With continuous consumption of fatty meats, it may lead to cardiovascular problems such as artery blockage, atrial fibrillation and increased risk for stroke. It is therefore important to be conscious of what you eat. Lower your intake of foods that are rich in cholesterol and saturated fat. Meats that are high in fat are sausages, fried chicken, lamb, beef, dark-meat poultry and bacon. Instead of fatty meats, choose foods that are lean protein sources including fish, lentils and beans.