8 Foods That Increase The Stroke Chance


4. Canned Soup

Have you ever wondered why a canned soup still tastes good despite of being in the can for several months before opening it? It is because it is packed with preservatives and food coloring. Do not be fooled by the information you read on the can label. Chances are, canned soups are marketed as all natural and with fresh ingredients but the truth is, they contain ingredients which can harm the body.

5. Red Meat

A certain study shows that people who consumed a large amount of red meat on a daily basis had higher chances of suffering a stroke. Researchers believe that red meat is high in saturated fat. This definitely means that red meat is bad news for those who have cardiovascular diseases. When you eat red meat, it clogs the arteries due to the build up of protein paques.

6. Salty Foods

Salt plays an essential role in the human body. It helps in managing fluid balance. However, too much of something is never good. Excessive intake of salt or salty foods can increase the workload of the heart. This makes it difficult for your blood to flow freely. If you have a high-sodium diet, it increases your risk of suffering a stroke. Needless to say, you need to avoid foods that are packed with high amount of salt or eat them in moderation. High-sodium foods include frozen meals, canned foods, crackers, pretzels and soy sauce. In order to lower your salt consumption, it is best to opt for natural foods and cut back on frozen and processed foods.