8 Habits That Make Arthritis Much Worse


4. Overeating

There are many reasons health professionals advise people not to overeat. One of them is that it leads to being overweight. When your body carries around excess weight, this stresses the joints in your body. It may lead to more painful joints. Aside from this, overweight increases the risk for diabetes and heart disease. If you love to eat, make sure you are eating right and healthy. Everything should be in proportion. This ensures you of healthy joints and nerves.

5. Wearing Shoes That Are Not Comfortable

Do you love to wear toe-cramping shoes? If you do, you should break that habit once and for all. According to Dr. Casey Kerrigan, the owner of OESH shoe company, uncomfortable shoes are bad for arthritis sufferers. This is something people should be aware of, specifically those who have the disease. If you wear heels, it temporarily increases your height. With more height, your knee may suffer from torque or twisting force. This means that you really need to avoid shoes with too much arch support. As much as possible, wear shoes that are comfortable for you. You may opt for a customized shoes especially made for your arthritis.

6. Eating Processed Foods

If you are an arthritis sufferer, you should stay away from processed foods and those with too much salt, sugar, oil and fats. Processed foods are packed with white flour and sugar. These are some of the main culprits of many diseases in the body. And if you already have an arthritis, processed foods may worsen your condition. If possible, opt for a healthy meal plan. Replace processed foods with whole grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits. You may ask your doctor about the foods you need to eat and those you need to avoid.

7. Lack of Exercise

People with arthritis should acknowledge the importance of doing regular exercises. A daily exercise routine is healthy for your bones and joints. If you cannot do it daily, you can exercise at least 3 times a week. If you remain inactive for months or years, this can worsen your current condition. With regular exercise, you will enjoy improved sleep, more energy, less joint pain and a healthier body.