8 Habits That Make Arthritis Much Worse



8. Excessive Texting and Typing

Health experts say that too much typing and frequent texting may wear and tear the hand joints. When you type type too much, this puts stress on your joints. If you are already an arthritis sufferer, too much texting and typing can worsen your joint pain and inflammation. It is advised to minimize texting and typing. If you really need to text or type something, do not do it in prolonged periods.

Living With Arthritis – What Experts Have To Say

If you have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, you need to keep in mind the importance of changing your lifestyle. Make sure you are eating healthy and doing the right set of exercises on a regular basis. If you are in pain due to your condition, never hesitate to consult your doctor about it and get the needed help. If you are on arthritis medication, always remember the ones mentioned above. Always follow what doctors say especially about what you need to avoid and the things you need to do. It is also helpful to be patient with yourself. If you have arthritis, some favorite activities and hobbies may not be possible to do anymore. However, your illness should not stop you from exercising and being active. Choose your activities wisely. Moreover, you may find support online. There are online support groups that can tell you what is like to be living with arthritis.