8 Signs you Care too Much what Others Think about You


To Care too Much what Others Think about You

More often than not, it is in human nature to be sensitive and conscious about the happenings of your surroundings. It not only gives you a certain level of acquaintance that you require to survive within such environments and the people within it, but also the acceptance required to survive within such environments. You probably have come across the old adage, “no man is an island”. To some extent, we actually rely on each other to survive. This is one instrumental human nature that was plainly exemplified in the Stone Age period. During this ancient period, an individual rejected by his/her tribesmen would be certain to face death! So many people were more than conscious on what other people thought about them.

Fast forward to the modern society, we are still very much preoccupied with what others think about us. Such thoughts can be obviously detrimental to your own image and completely distort your self-esteem, let alone hurting you. But then, does it really matter what other people think about you? Probably not. In actual sense, we need not be anxious on the opinions that are laid on us by others, but only commit to activities that matter most in our lives. Finding yourself in any of the following circumstances is a sign enough that you care too much about what others think about you.

1.You Habitually Evaluate Yourself through Other People’s Eyes

Have you been so busy trying to think what other people say about you? If the answer is a resounding yes, then this is a plain sign that you are pegged on what other people say. Instead of reflecting on your accomplishments and efforts, you constantly try to think whether what you say and do is landing right on someone else. Letting constant commentary of others run through your mind and wonder whether you fell short or met their expectations is one mammoth sign that you are so preoccupied with what they think of you.

2.You Often Strive to Please Other People

Pleasing other people is obviously a nice gesture, but the truth is, you cannot please everyone all the time. This sign may come in many folds, and you are likely to burn yourself out trying to please any other soul in the face of this planet. By trying to please everybody, you trigger a chain of events that would be a finale to your downfall. This does not mean that you have to be entirely selfish and not help others, but you should only try pleasing others once in a while and not at the expense of your own happiness.

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