9 Exercises That Burn The Most Calories


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We are all aware that exercise is going to help us to burn calories, but it does depend on which exercise you do as well as the intensity at which you do it. There are so many options out there that it can become rather tricky for people to understand which routines or workouts they should do for the biggest impact, so what follows are the exercises that burn the most calories to give you some idea of what you can do and what you should expect.

1. Cycling

If we think of people at an average weight, then just cycling for approximately one hour has been shown to be capable of burning up to 1000 calories. Now, we are talking about people going at a steady pace and not as if they are in the Tour de France and it is also worth noting that men will often burn up to 100 calories more during this time. Also, the terrain you are cycling on can have an impact since obviously going up hill will require more work, so for these figures we are talking about relatively flat ground.

2. Jumping rope

This may surprise people, but the humble jumping rope can help you to burn off a huge number of calories even in a relatively short period of time. In an hour, which is a long time and we admit that, then you can burn off in the region of 850 calories, but even short 15 minute spells is still going to result in over 200 calories being burnt off which is quite impressive for an exercise that people thought was only something children did.

3. Swimming

Swimming is an absolutely fantastic exercise for so many reasons, but what can often surprise people is the number of calories you can burn off with just an hour of being in the pool. Typically, you are looking at around 800 calories for men and 700 for women and it is all thanks to the way your body has to work against the water which does require a lot of energy hence the surprisingly high number of calories.