9 Health Problems Caused By Working Out The Wrong Way


7. Gastrointestinal Distress

Working out the wrong way can become fatal because it may affect the normal functioning of the body’s metabolic system. Some of the most common metabolic alterations are decreased muscle glycogen, negative nitrogen balance, increased basal metabolic rate, decreased lactate response and hypothalamic dysfunction. When any of this happens, it changes the normal function of your metabolic system.

8. Hormone Imbalance

When you exercise incorrectly, this may cause hormonal imbalance due to certain reasons. Remember that the body has two thumb-sized adrenal glands. These glands produce hormones such as DHEA, cortisol and norepinephrine, allowing the body to respond and adjust to different physical and emotional stress. However, when there is too much intensity and frequency of stress, the adrenal glands may start to become exhausted. When this happens, the hormones that they produce deplete. This results to hormonal imbalance. When hormonal imbalance occurs, this may lead to testosterone deficiency in men and estrogen dominance in women. When too much exercise is done, the adrenal glands may become tired over time.

9. Decreased Rate of Healing and Increased Occurrence of Disease

If you always exercise too much or incorrectly, this may cause your body to get too tired. In this connection, the body becomes more prone to infections and illnesses. The sad part is, since the immune system is weakened, you may suffer from illnesses and infections more frequently.

What Experts Have To Say

According fitness experts, if you are not fully aware of the exercises or workout routine you are doing, you better stop at once. Exercises have always been healthy and beneficial. It is never bad to workout, however it can be harmful when it is practiced incorrectly. The incorrect way of doing it can lead to serious health problems. It is always advisable to perform workout routine or exercises with the guidance of a professional trainer. With an experienced fitness professional, you can avoid injuries when using exercise equipment. And also, do not just rely on the workout or fitness exercises you see online. It is best to do ample research before doing any type of work out routine.