9 Popular Exercises That Destroy Your Joints


Wrong movements

  We are always told that exercise is good for us and that is certainly true. However, we should also be aware of the fact that overdoing it is also not a good thing. You must remember that the body has certain limitations placed upon it and doing too much will only lead to you picking up injuries, so keeping that in mind here are some popular exercises that destroy your joints.

1. Running on hard ground

Running is good for you, but doing too much without building up your muscles and also using the wrong running shoes will lead to excessive pressure being put on your joints. At first this will not be a problem, but over time it will lead you wearing the joints down and can increase the chances of you developing arthritis later on in life. Making sure you have the correct insoles and building up the distance, coupled with enough breaks, will help to reduce the possibility of this happening.

2. Lifting weights

People love to lift weights whenever they go to the gym, but the problem is that people can be guilty of pushing themselves too far in the hope that it will lead to them developing those muscles in a shorter period of time. However, this type of exercise puts pressure on pretty much all of your joints in one way or the other and by pushing your body too far too quickly this stress and pressure can get too much. Be sensible and take your time as you will still get there with those muscles, but will protect your joints in the process.

3. Cycling


Yes cycling can result in your joints being destroyed, but once again it comes down to the amount of exercise that you do and how much you push yourself. Remember that when you are starting out you need to take things slowly and do not go for those long distance rides until your body is prepared for it. The joints that are most at risk are the knees and the hips, so make sure that you warm up the muscles first to reduce the chances of injury.