9 Scary Illnesses You can Get From Improperly Washed Vegetables


Results from eating Improperly Washed Vegetables

We already understand that vegetables are good for us and that they need to form a considerable part of our diet. However, there is more to it than just eating them as the actual preparation itself can play a key role in preventing us from becoming ill. You see, vegetables may be healthy, but if they are not handled correctly it can ultimately lead to all kinds of problems such as these scary illnesses you can get from improperly washed vegetables.

1. E.Coli.

Let’s begin with one of the more serious illnesses, E.Coli. This not only makes you feel ill, but it can actually kill if your general health is not that good. It leads to digestive issues, it can destroy your intestines, and also lead to you having severe sickness and diarrhea. The problem is that they can have come into contact with feces that is infected with E.Coli either through the water supply or the fertilizer that has been used to grow them. Washing them thoroughly will help to reduce the chances of that happening.

2. Hepatitis A

This is very scary, but there are various cases where individuals have picked up hepatitis A simply by eating contaminated food. The problem is that the virus can sit on the vegetables thanks to cross contamination in the store that you bought them from and if you do not thoroughly wash the vegetables, then it provides the virus with ample opportunity to enter your body. Hepatitis A leads to issues with your liver, so it is not something that you want to contract.

3. Cyclosporiasis

This disease sounds nasty and it is in that it will give you pretty chronic diarrhea and nobody exactly wants that to happen to them. Once again it can be picked up from vegetables and indeed there are thousands of cases each and every year linked directly to this particular parasite and fresh produce. It is worth adding that it can also appear on fruit, so the need to wash it all thoroughly to prevent you from running into issues simply cannot be stressed enough.