13 Alarming Health Reasons Your Stomach Hurts


Cancer is reason your stomach hurts
10. Pancreatitis

When there is an inflammation of the pancreas present in the body, the result can be a burning pain in the stomach that starts as a dull ache, but leads to a shooting pain that can reach all the way to the back. Leaning forward or on the side may help to relieve the pain, and will better help you to diagnose if this is in fact pancreatitis or not.

11. Food Poisoning

When you experience stomach pain shortly after a meal, it may be a case of food poisoning. Bacteria or viruses that are present in the food react in the body and cause severe abdominal pain. Outbreaks of food poisoning are becoming more common as foods are being imported from different parts of the world that have less strict regulations on the way the foods are prepared.

12. Cancer

Although very uncommon, there have been cases where cancer in the liver, stomach, ovaries, and pancreas, has resulted in persistent stomach pain. Although this only happens in the later stages of the cancer, there are usually serious symptoms involved, like loss of appetite, bloating, and weight loss.

13. Gallstones

Little stones that form inside the gallbladder can swell and block the duct to the intestine. These gallstones can cause stomach pain that can range from mild to severe. There are different types of meals that trigger the gallbladder to contract, so if it is inflamed, the pain will be amplified during and after each meal.

In addition to these alarming health reasons your stomach hurts, you might want to take a closer look at the medications you are taking for certain ailments and diseases. Most prescribed medications come with at least one or more side-effects, and one of the more common is abdominal pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs and oral bisphosphonates, can result in swelling of the stomach lining that leads to ulcers. Usually the pain in the stomach appears right after taking the medication, so it is easy to eliminate the cause and ask your physician for a different type medication.