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Target’s Animal Crossing Collectors Box Review, Target, and other shops are now selling an Animal Crossing Collector’s Box. It will most likely sell out quickly. This Animal Crossing Collector’s box has a plethora of related content for a reasonable price, making it the ideal present for Animal Crossing: New Horizons aficionados.

This Animal Crossing Collectors Box is already available at Target stores around the United States, as well as select merchants in other countries. Similar boxes have been sold for various Nintendo games in the past, but Animal Crossing has proven to be immensely popular. So, if you want one, you must act quickly.

This officially-licensed selection of Animal Crossing items is said to have begun arriving at Target stores throughout the United States and choose retailers in the rest of the countries just before the game’s acorn season concluded. Similar boxes have been sold for other Nintendo games, but Animal Crossing has been established to be incredibly popular, so players will need to move quickly if they want one before Christmas.

Target’s Animal Crossing Collectors Box Review

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What exactly is contained in the Animal Crossing Collector’s Box?

The Animal Crossing Collector’s Box contains seven products, all of which are housed in a Nook Inc. box.

What you receive is as follows:

  • A desk calendar for Timmy and Tommy Nook.
  • A notebook for Animal Crossing
  • Pad of turnip sticky notes
  • Socks for Isabelle
  • Bell bag blanket, approximately 63″ (160cm) x 40″ (101cm)
  • Stress ball made of peaches
  • A bag with drawstrings
  • A box from Nook Inc.

Where can you purchase the Animal Crossing Collector’s Box?

The Animal Crossing Collector’s Box costs $29.99. It is a fair value for all of the products included in the box. Unfortunately, obtaining one of these desirable collector’s boxes may prove difficult.

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This item is listed on Target’s website, however, it appears to be available only in-store. At least one person has reported making an in-store purchase on Twitter, so going to your local Target and hoping they have one in stock may be one of your best options. Australian players can pre-order this collection at EB Games for AUD$68.00 (with an AUD$10.00 deposit).

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