7 Clothing Styles That Make You Look Thinner


How to Look Thinner

God made your body in his resemblance so no matter how big or small it is, just know that it is the image of God. However, as humans were instructed to recreate, it implied that that body should be covered and made as beautiful as it should be. The only way available for doing this is by dressing accordingly. There are those clothing which look make one older than they are, others make them look thinner than they actually are. This aspect is brought about by how the clothes are designed and the preferences of the wearer.

1. The half-tuck

This is one of the best styles to be in if you want to appear thinner. This style offers nothing but an optical illusion but it actually works. Being in this style of clothing will make you appear very thin even if in the real sense you are not. Having part of your t-shirt tucked in while the rest is left hanging will bring about the flattering perception that makes you appear slimmer.

2. High-waisted wide swing skirt

When this is worn with a cropped sweater or a long skirt that is tucked in, this skirt brings about the appeal of all the curves your body has and a great sense of appeal that you are slim even though in the real sense, you are not. Consider wearing them with multi-colored tops which brings about that sense of professionalism in you. This style is a great one when it comes to bringing in the sense of a casual look in your office while still remaining professional since they are acceptable but the epitome of this, you actually slimmer!

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