7 Clothing Styles That Make You Look Thinner


How to Look Thinner
3. Blazer

Popping on a blazer that comes to the hip will actually make you look slimmer. This is because it will streamline your look and drawing the eye on the vertical direction. This way it will create a virtual figure of you. Yes virtual because you will look slimmer while in the real sense you have the appeal of curves and that you are not actually slim. You may consider visiting the fashion shop around you in order to get all the pieces of advice relating to this. This is because not all the body structures will fit the same style of blazers in order to actually look thinner. For example a bluff body structure may actually look bigger in certain blazer design while the shorter ones will look more petit in the same design.

It is your obligation to have the best design in order to look the way you actually want to look else you might be doing the opposite just because you saw your friend in it and actually because it worked for her, she actually looked slimmer than they actually are. This method will offer you a chance to compare several of them before you actually choose one hence, this way, you will be in a position to choose the right specific variation of the blazer style that works with your body structure and according to how you would like to appear to the public.

4. Knee-length pencil skirt

This is another great style for this category. The knee-length will reduce the tendency of you looking bulky instead of looking sleekly and slimmer. Consider swapping your minis with a sleek skirt which hugs your knees or just above them. A floral material will work perfect in camouflaging the various parts of your body that might be responsible for your bulky looks. Also it is good to do a research on which combination of prints work well with your body structure as I said before, the idea behind this is appearing not only slimmer, but also smart and outgoing.

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