7 Clothing Styles That Make You Look Thinner


How to Look Thinner
5. A tailored T-shirt

Having your T-shirt tailored to fit better is an assurance that you will have a good look while appearing slimmer than you actually are. This is because the T-shirt will be made fitting and hiding that extra meat in you that might make you look so fat. This is a very sensitive dressing style since first you buy your t-shirt then look for somebody to tailor it to your fitting and preference. For this reason, you should be very careful while deciding on this style and ensure that your tailor has high standards of dexterity in doing what you want them to do, otherwise, this is a great style if you want to look thinner.

6. The Quasi-flat shoes

Did you know that height is associated with the body structure? Tall people appear to be very fat than their short counterparts. You should dress to the advantage of this perspective by wearing the quasi-flat shoes but not too flat. That hidden inch will bring a great difference in you as you will appear shorter hence slimmer than if you were in high heels which actually brings an opposite appeal. Apart from the aspect of making you look slimmer, they are also very comfortable and gives your legs an opportunity to stand out as beauty tools of your body too.

7. Light colored shoes

Shoes, yes Shoes are the best appeal for fashion and how you actually impact on the admirer’s eyes. I am not talking about the complaining bright colored shoes which drives the people away but am talking about neutrally bright like snakeskin, gold and jungle green. Ensure that you fit into them perfectly in order to avoid the discomfort and feeling out of place in your own shoes! These colors will tend to lengthen and slim your feet hence bringing out a general picture of you appearing slimmer. If you could notice, most people tend to appreciate your new pair of shoes than your expensive trench coat. For this reason, the legs are your focal point hence wearing something that makes your feet look slim and long is an assurance that you will bring about a thinner body appeal by trying out this little magic and you will not regret at the end of the day the choice you will have made.

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