9 Everyday Hygiene Products That Are Harmful For Your Health



Most people are very conscious of the foods they put in their mouth, but they don’t put a fraction of that effort into finding out what they are applying to their skin. It might surprise you that the skin is the largest organ and everything you put on it will be absorbed into the bloodstream. On the average, people are putting 15 different personal care products on their skin every day, each containing dozens of toxic chemicals that are slowly deteriorating your health. You might be surprised at all of the conventional personal care products, woman hygiene, and baby products, that are deadly high in toxicity levels.

Here’s a list of everyday hygiene products that are harmful for your health and ones that you should be avoiding:

1. Baby Shampoo – You’ve seen all those cute commercials where the baby is getting their hair washed in the bathtub, unfortunately if you didn’t read the label, you didn’t know that the dioxane ingredient is a petrochemical solvent that causes the product to foam. Dioxane is a contaminant that is produced during manufacturing which is linked to cancer and should never come in contact with a baby’s skin.

2. Rash Ointment – Rash ointments and other similar personal care products contain petrolatum, otherwise known as paraffin and mineral oils. These ingredients coat the skin like a light plastic and clog pores while allowing the build-up of toxins. They tend to slow cell development and aid in creating early signs of aging and are another suspected cause of cancer. These ingredients have been linked to disrupting hormonal activity.

3. Fragrance – One of the biggest offenders of everyday hygiene products that are harmful for your health are ones labeled that contain fragrances. You will find these fragrances in shampoo, perfume, deodorants, and lotions, anything that is labeled to smell good. The fragrance, or parfum, contains neurotoxins listed in the top five allergens in the world. These fragrances cause brain damage, loss of muscle control, headaches, problems with speech, and memory loss. Look for unscented or products that are produced with essential oils instead.

4. Laundry Detergent – In order for your laundry detergent to lather up nicely, it needs to be packed with Diethanolamine or DEA. By itself, this ingredient is not harmful. In cosmetic formula however, it becomes extremely potent. This toxic ingredient can be easily absorbed through your skin and has been linked with stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, liver cancer, and bladder cancer. Choose detergents with only all-natural ingredients and no fragrances.