9 Face Exercises That Will Make You Look Younger


recomendations That Will Make You Look Younger
Indications of aging usually commence right on your face with the appearance of “fine lines” which, by anyway, aren’t fine at all. It is pretty much inevitable to have some wrinkles and aging lines on your face as you grow older. Certainly, you can’t stop time; however you can minimize its effects on your face to help keep it to a minimum. Facial exercises are the right option to all this hassle. People, who regularly perform different types of facial exercises, can keep up the muscle tone and smoothness. By tightening up your skin, facial exercises assist in removing wrinkles and promote younger and fresh look. Now you can go through the below mentioned various facial exercises that will help you firm and tone your nose, lips, cheeks, neck and eyes. These exercises are not complex to do. You can perform them in about 10-15 minutes every day preferably at morning hours. Also, incorporate them with a perfect diet plan and you’ll see wonderful results.

Exercise #1

This exercise can be performed to firm up your temple and forehead areas and also remove wrinkles on your forehead. Take your index fingers and put them parallel to the eye brows on the forehead. You must arch the fingers so that they go with the curved nature of your eyebrows. Keep your fingers a little tight against the forehead and slowly pull them in a downward direction. While dragging your fingers towards the face, push your eyebrows and forehead up as much as you can. This would produce a sense of resistance. Do it more than once, holding each rep in position for 20 seconds each time.

Exercise #2

This facial exercise works on the muscle tissue surrounding your eyes, basically the muscles which close and open your eyes. This particular exercise can be performed to tone your lower and upper eyelids. Your eye-socket will become a bit defined and larger than before, so that it’ll reduce under-eye puffiness as well as lift under-eye hollows. You should place the index fingertips right on your eye brows and thumb just a little over 1 cm below each of your eyes. Along with your thumbs and fingers resisting the movement, close the eyes and keep this position while counting to 20. You can do this exercise twice a day. Whenever you do it, apply only minimal pressure using your index fingers as your skin below the eyes is thin and must be handled slowly and gently.

Exercise #3

This facial exercise will tone up the chin and neck-jaw line and it is known to reduce double-chins. Sit or stand with your face held high, mouth shut but grinning. Place both of your hands on the collar bone and grip the skin, tilt your head back, and now you should feel a deep pull right on your chin and neck. For perfect results, when you are done doing this workout tilting your head back, you can also practice it tilting your head over each of your shoulders.