Finding the Right Clothing Style That Makes You Look Younger


3. Take a Risk – One reason that you look older than you really are is because you have become complacent with the clothing that you wear. Styles that made you feel youthful years ago are not having the same impact because that style has long since passed. Just because you feel sexier in those leggings, does not mean they are what the younger crowds are wearing today. Now is the time to let go of all those clothing styles you feel flatter your style and take a risk and try something out of your comfort zone. It might feel strange at first, but when you choose new clothing colors, fabrics, accessories, and combinations of clothing, you become a trendsetter. Don’t be afraid to ask that sales associate if she can help you to accessorize your new style to match your body and keep you current with the latest fashion trends. Just because high ankle boots are not your thing, try them with that tiny skirt and see how heads turn the next time you go out.

4. Focus on Your Figure – One thing is for certain, as we age, out body begins to change whether we like it or not. There are going to be certain parts of the body that do not slim down like they used to, or areas that just have lost their muscle tone over the years. The key to choosing a clothing style that makes you look younger is to address those parts of the body that have negatively affected your appearance. Focus on dressing up your figure rather than trying to squeeze into that tiny dress that is all the rage with fashion models today. To create a more youthful appearance, you have to get your body looking like it did all those years age by wearing clothing that flatters your assets and hides your faults. Consider a few of these possibilities:

Jeans- Choose a new pair of jeans that suit your legs better and allow you to feel good about your overall figure. Skinny jeans might not be for everyone, but they do come in a variety of colors that can create that instant elegant look.

Skirts – Just because you are older doesn’t mean you have to dress that way. Go out and shop around for some skirts that are cut above the knees, they are a popular fashion craze each year and look hot on any gal. Those longer skirts that reach your calf make you look much older, regardless the shape of your legs or body. Time to show off a little more skin this year.