7 Foods That Cause Grey Hair


 Foods That Cause Grey Hair

Getting grey hair is normal to old people but abnormal to young people. It is very annoying when grey hair appears when you are not old. Some people start to grey in their 20s and 30s. Due to eating patterns and lifestyle change, it has become normal for young people to get grey hair. Another reason that attributes to the greying of hair is stress. Although age and generics are the main causes of grey hair, it is important to note that poor diet plays a very significant role in greying of hair. Proper nutrition is very important to our body and to our hair. Good nutrition helps to maintain hair color and to retain a healthy hair. It is therefore important for use to eat healthy food to prevent grey hair and to promote healthy hair growth. Cigarette smokers are four times more likely to have gray hair than nonsmokers. Cigarette smoking has also been overwhelmingly linked to accelerated hair loss.

Hair can turn grey due to decrease in production of melanin found in hair roots. Melanin gives the hair it color. Some foods are found to help in melanin production while others prevent the production of melanin. Some of the foods that help in melanin production include:

Fresh greens vegetables that are good source of vitamin B6 and B12, Chocolates that are rich in copper(copper is known to produce melanin), Berries such as strawberries and raspberries, salmon known to fight grey hair, Almonds that are good for skin and hair, Sunflower seeds that have high amount of minerals known to maintain and retain melanin, Curry leaves that are beneficial in preventing premature greying of hair, and Dairy products that are rich in vitamin B and B12 that are vital for production of melanin. It is important to prevent grey hair because there is no scientific evidence that any food, diet, herb, supplement, or natural product can reverse gray hair. It is better to prevent grey hair than to start searching for ways to get rid of grey hair.
Below are some foods that cause grey hair and if not checked can cause serious issues in the long run.

1. Sugar

Most people do not know that sugar can make our hair turn grey. Foods that contain sugar can make hair turn grey prematurely because of its aging effects. There are a lot of foods that contain sugar that you should avoid. Sugar can also lower the amount of vitamin E in the blood. And as we all know vitamin E is important for healthy hair growth. Another disadvantage of sugar is that it causes tissue elasticity. The more sugar you take the more elasticity your tissue loose. And remember our hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body.
Another reason why should avoid eating sugar is because it interferes with absorption of protein in the body. Protein is very essential for teeth, bone structure and hair. Sugar also interferes with the relationship of minerals and the blood in our body. The minerals are very important to hair and sugar uses a lot of them when being digested. This can cause grey hair.
However, this does not mean there should be no sugar whatever in your diet. There are natural sources for sugar found in fruits and vegetables such as beets and carrots.