7 Foods That Cause Grey Hair


 Foods That Cause Grey Hair

2. High animal protein

Some animal meat has very high protein and may not be good for your body and hair. Since our body cannot digest the extra animal protein, the excess animal will produce uric acid. The uric acid is not good for the hair can it can cause grey hair.

3. Soft drinks

Did you know that one can of soda contain ten teaspoon of sugar? Apart from sugar, soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners and colors. We all know that if we consume soft drinks for a long time, they will make us fat and also cause teeth decay. Soft drinks are also the main causes of grey hair.

4. Artificial color and sweeteners

Other foods and drinks that you should avoid are artificial colors and sweeteners. They are all man made and unnatural; this means there is nothing healthy about them. Artificial sweeteners and colors cause allergies, deafness, and migraines and also cause grey hair. Therefore, avoid foods and drinks that have artificial color and sweeteners.

5. Salt (Sodium)

Some people have cravings for salt. According to experts, it is unhealthy to take more than 2300mg of sodium a day. If you have diabetics, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease or your age is above 51 years, your daily intake should be less than 1500mg. Sodium is important to ensure you have the right balance of fluid in the body.

This means it is a substance that cannot be avoided. However, it should be consumed in moderate. If it consumed more, it can cause grey hair among other serious conditions.