12 Foods That Help To Develop Gout


• Alcohol

Alcohol is not preferred to those people who have gout symptoms. In fact, it is can make the condition bad than any type of meat and seafood. The reason is that the alcohol, especially beer will increase the levels of the uric acid and that will make it difficult for your body to get rid of that excess uric acid. Wine is not that harmful like the beer. But it can increase the uric acid levels. Hence, you need to avoid all kinds of alcohols to make the condition better. If you find it difficult to avoid completely, then you can have the wine, but the quantity needs to be less.

• Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrate is not good for your health. If you have gout symptoms, then it can make the condition even bad. Hence, you should avoid having pasta, white bread, and white rice. Instead, you can have brown bread and brown rice.

• Sugary Drinks

Sugary drink means you will have to avoid all those drinks that contain sugar and soda. These drinks have high fructose corn syrup that can stimulate your acid production and can cause gout attacks. According to the research reports, people, who consume a lot of fructose in drink or beverages, have a risk of developing gout. If you like sugary drinks, then avoid the drinks that contain high fructose. Instead consider having tea, coffee, and fresh- squeezed juice that will make you feel better.

• Processed foods

Processed foods do not have many health benefits and these are not considered good for gout as well. If you consume more processed foods like snacks, chips, and frozen dinners regularly then you can develop gout after a period of time.