12 Foods That Help To Develop Gout



• Peanuts and legumes

Some nuts and vegetable are not helpful for gout. These vegetable and nuts are high in purines that can develop gout. If possible, you should completely avoid the bean cake, peanuts, and moon cake. If you cannot avoid it completely them you can have a small portion. More importantly, you can have these foods when these are cooked properly to reduce the harmful effects. Always avoid having in the raw forms.

• Certain veggies

Like the animal products, some other foods have also high-purines. Vegetables like spinach and asparagus can have the same harmful effects like the meats. Cauliflower has also high purines and this is not suggested for the people who are prone to gout. Therefore, you should avoid these foods to reduce the symptoms of gout.

• Mushroom

If you think that you can use mushrooms as the meat replacement, then you are wrong. The mushroom will not help you in any way. In fact, it will only worsen the condition. Mushrooms contain the high amount of the purines like the meats and some veggies. Hence, you need to avoid its consumption to improve your condition. If you love mushroom then consider having it in a small portion. But you can have it when your symptoms are under the control. Otherwise, it can complicate your condition.

• Oats

Oatmeal does not contain a high amount of the purines. But it contains moderate amounts of the purines and if you consume it more, then you can develop gout. To avoid this condition, you can have it in small portions. If you have already the existing symptoms, then consider avoiding it completely until your condition has not improved.

People find it difficult to restrict themselves to consume their favorite foods. If you are experiencing gout then you will have to avoid many foods such as meats, sea foods, snacks, wines, some vegetables, and processed foods. In that situation, you should consider having foods that have low purines and can also satisfy your cravings such as the tea, coffee, cherries, and dairy products.