13 Foods You Should Not Eat After 6 PM



Do you like to eat after 6 PM? If you consume a lot during nighttime then you will have to restrict your choice. If you eat all the varieties of foods after 6 pm then there is a possibility that you can get some extra weight and it can affect your digestive system as well. Eating smart at night can help you to lose your weight and to get a sound sleep that will be followed by an active and energetic day. Do you want to know which foods you should avoid after 6PM? Here’s the list for you:

Any kind of junk food

We come home after the long day of work and order some junk food. What can be better after hours of work? Tastes good and goes well with our favorite TV show, but consequences can be harsh. It can truly affect your sleep, digestive system, and can cause weight gain as well. According to the research reports, people who consume junk foods at night, are prone to have bad dreams as well.


Try hard to avoid having pasta after 6. If you have it at night, then the calories will settle around your waist. With one serving, you can have 400 calories and more. Pasta is full of carbs. It is great during the day, but you don’t need that much of an energy before going to sleep, right? So, try to say no to that delicious pasta.


Amazingly healthy and delicious, but celery makes you pee many times during the nighttime as it acts the diuretic in your body. During the sleeping, your body releases repairing hormones and cascades of muscle-building. If you wake up more frequently, it can affect your quality of sleep.


Dark chocolate is always considered as a healthy snack. It has antioxidants and magnesium that can improve your immunity and can make you feel good. But it has caffeine that can affect your sleep and can keep awake for a long time.


Milk has many health benefits. It contains calcium and proteins that can offer you overall development. But it has the lactose content that will not suit the people who have the lactose intolerance. If you are lactose intolerant, then you should not have the milk before bedtime. It will affect your sleep and can make you awake at the middle of night.

 Nuts have the healthy source of fat and it can reduce the weight as well. But these are not easy to digest. If you have the large amounts of the nuts after 6am and if it will not be followed by the physical activities then it might affect your digestive system and your sleep.