Golden Trout Animal Crossing

Golden Trout in Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How to catch golden trout and find the Clifftop River location Golden Trout animal crossing can only be found in New Horizons’ Clifftop Rivers. These are the rivers that can be found on your island’s second or third layer of cliffs.

If your island lacks a good portion of Clifftop Rivers, you can always create one yourself with the Island Designer software. (Just make sure you have a three-star island rating first, so you can unlock terraforming!) Ensure that this new river finally flows down to one of your island’s river mouths, or else it will become a pond and no Golden Trout will spawn.

Have you wondered how to get Golden Trout animal crossing? After you’ve established your Clifftop River, you’ll need to create some fish bait. You don’t need as much fish bait to catch a Tuna because you can push spawn, Golden Trout, by frightening away other fish. Still, in the vent that you require that Golden Trout for you, it is recommended that you make 30 to 50 fish bait bags.

What is the amount you can catch Golden Trout? Golden Trout animal crossing

This quantity of fish bait will not guarantee that you will catch a Golden Trout, but it will keep the effort from becoming boring. You don’t want to miss out on adding this fish to your collection because you’re bored of fishing.

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Golden Trout animal crossing can be found in your island’s Clifftop Rivers from March to May, and then again from September to November. Capturing a Golden Trout, like catching a Blue Marlin, involves a lot of luck, but if you keep trying, you’ll eventually capture one.

It should be noted that the above approach and location were also utilized to catch the rare Stringfish. However, you may have exhausted your luck with Golden Trout animal crossing – the somewhat rarer Stringfish take you much lengthier to catch (upwards of 100 bait on numerous nights).

What is the value of the Golden Trout? Golden Trout animal crossing

If you sell the unusual Golden Trout to Tommy and Timmy, it happens to be for 15,000 Bells (or 12,000 Bells in the event that you place it in the Cranny DropBox from Nook). Don’t forget to contribute one to the Museum!

If you catch and keep three Golden Trout, talk to C.J. when he comes to visit, show him the fish, and he’ll bring you a statue of Golden Trout animal crossing (since he will for any three equal fish examples you give him).

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