9 Habits That Are Dangerous For Respiratory System


7. Drinking Alcohol

There have been numerous studies proving the relationship between respiratory illnesses and alcohol intake. When you drink alcohol, it dehydrates your body. When the body is dehydrated, it weakens your immune system. When this happens, you become more prone to respiratory disease. If you have poor respiratory health, you may suffer from pneumonia and other respiratory-related diseases. If you cannot totally prevent yourself from drinking alcohol, minimize its consumption and be a responsible drinker. Always keep yourself hydrated when you drink alcohol.

8. Poor Hygiene
Diseases affecting the respiratory system are often transmitted from one person to another due to inadequate hand washing and poor hygiene. Remember that bacteria, germs and viruses live in almost any surface or corner. In order to reduce the chances of contracting a viral or bacterial disease, it is important to regularly wash your hands after using public transport, sneezing or coughing and using the bathroom. Clean and sanitize most often used things in the house such as telephone headsets, bathroom, floor and many more.

9. Not Doing Enough Exercise

When you do not have enough exercise all the time, it weakens your immune system. When you have a weak immunity, you may acquire respiratory diseases easily. Doing regular exercise keeps your lungs healthy. If you want to improve the health of your lungs, there are some exercises you can do such as swimming, cycling, jogging and brisk walking. When you do these activities regularly, you will gradually improve your respiratory system and its capacity.