How to dry gel nail polish without UV light

How to dry gel nail polish without UV light? Many women wonder how to dry gel nails so that they have that flawless and professional appearance that has garnered so much attention and has made this manicure method so successful after they have applied them. It’s a great choice for extending the life of your manicure. But how to dry gel nail polish without UV light? Let’s have a look.

Gel nails are unquestionably one of the newest trends in the cosmetic industry, and their popularity is mostly owing to the striking visual effect they create. Most ladies have tried them now since they’ve been made famous by celebrities from all over the globe.

The following is a frequently asked question: How to dry gel nail polish without UV light

One of the most vexing aspects of having a manicure is drying your nails. It’s a time-consuming procedure that essentially necessitates waiting. The gel nails will dry faster if the procedure is sped up, though. So how to dry gel nail polish without UV light? Let’s find out.

Techniques for accelerating the procedure of How to dry gel nail polish without UV light

Firstly, we have the option of investing in a professional nail dryer, which will enable us to dry out nails much more quickly. We may utilize a variety of drying methods from which to choose.

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Gel nails are dried using LED dryers. To put them to use, all we have to do is plug them in and adjust the voltage to match the kind of gel nails we’ve applied. The appliance has a timer, so we can set the drying period to make sure they are completely dry before we put them away.

Some gel nails may be cured without light, such as by air-drying; however, this method requires some patience, since it will take at least 15 minutes for our gel nails to dry.

When it comes to drying gel nails, how much does it cost?

With raised or gel nails, these gadgets to dry them are unquestionably an excellent option. Because the price tag for quick-drying nail polish may range anywhere from 15 to 50 euros, it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase. So how to dry gel nail polish without UV light?

Gel nails are what they sound like: artificial nails that are painted on

Gel nails are artificial nails that are made from acrylic gel and then molded to the shape of the natural nail. A base is laid down, followed by enamel and fixative, all of which are cured with a UV light. This process is repeated for each layer.

When working with some particular kinds, it’s possible that we won’t require a UV light at all. We’ll have various outcomes from there and from the job we perform, and they’ll be extremely pleasant, thanks to the lightweight of gel nails.


Working with one manicurist or another will provide different outcomes. Depending on the center, we may have a prosthesis made on our nail using an artisan technique or have one put on our nail and then have it touched up until it looks and acts just like our own natural fingernails. This is all that we had to share as an answer to how to dry gel nail polish without UV light?

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