How to get pearls in animal crossing

A Guide on How to Get Pearls In Animal Crossing, Animal crossing, by now the name speaks for itself. Even if you are not an ardent gamer, the animal crossing has something for everyone. One of the reasons for its humongous popularity is the feel it stimulates while playing. The gamer who plays in a human avatar does everything one would have to do in reality to survive. He hunts, fish builds, etc. Just like how we would need encouragement to get through life, animal crossing provides them with various tools and artifacts. One of them is the pearls. They are recently introduced in the New Horizon.

What are pearls used for in animal crossing? How to get pearls in animal crossing?

Before we get to the part of how to get pearls in animal crossing, we need to know why they are used. Pearls are nothing but materials that could be involved to craft items that a gamer might need on his or her island. Pearls belong in the ocean and thus pearls in animals crossing are used to decorate the mermaid series which includes furniture and other similar mermaid series artifacts.

How to get pearls in animal crossing?

Now that we are aware of the uses of the pearls, let’s see how to get pearls in animal crossing. There are two ways to obtain pearls in animal crossing. One is by directly purchasing them for a whopping ten thousand bells at Nook’s cranny. The second way is a bit of a process.

Before we dive into how to get pearls in animal crossing, here are a few facts about pearls. They are available all year round in animal crossing. They can be obtained by diving in the ocean. At a time, a player can store 30 pearls. They are a part of the crafting material which was introduced in New Horizon.

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Now to the actual how-to get pearls in animal crossing, the first step is to purchase a wetsuit from Nook’s cranny. Once the player is in the suit, get to the shore and press A. After this, the player will be able to dive in and swim. Once you spot bubbles if you happen to be near bubbles, press Y. This will net some materials. Look for pearls. Pearls are extremely rare, so keep looking.

This is how one can get pearls in animal crossing. We hope the article was helpful and we wish you happy gaming!

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