How to restart animal crossing new horizons

How to Restart Your Island into Animal Crossing: New Horizons Have you wondered how to restart animal crossing new horizons? You can literally lose months and months into Animal Crossing New Horizons, and making your virtual island the best it can be is incredibly addictive; just writing about it makes us want to pick up the Nintendo Switch and start playing.

However, there may come a time when you look at your island and wish you could go back in time for any number of reasons. You can, because your entire game can be deleted and you can start over, but you will lose everything, including all your items, so make sure you truly want to do it before proceeding.

But if you’re okay with this and there happens to be a method for saving a few of your goods if you do something before you delete, this is the way you do it! Read here more on how to restart animal crossing new horizons.

How to restart animal crossing new horizons: New Frontiers

As a result, there is no way to accomplish this in-game because the makers chose not to include a restart choice in the game menu. This is presumably to prevent someone from doing it by accident and then tossing their console across the room in a fit of wrath.

Instead, you’ll have to manually wipe all of your saved game data so that your Switch thinks you’ve never played the game before; it’ll be like starting again! The question remains how to restart animal crossing new horizons.

Animal Crossing: How to restart animal crossing new horizons

The procedures to delete and restart Animal Crossing are listed below, but keep in mind that this is a permanent deletion, and you will not be able to restore the game to where you left it once you have erased it.

Continue reading for strategies to save some of your stuff as well as any DIY recipes you haven’t gotten around to mastering yet. So, really, how to restart animal crossing new horizons? Let’s see.

  • Do you still want to go ahead? This is exactly what you must do.
  • Proceed to the Switch the Home Screen
  • System Settings should be selected.
  • Navigate to Manage Data.
  • Select the Delete Save Data option.
  • Choose Animal Crossing: New Leaf: New Beginnings
  • Choose Delete All. Secure this Software’s Data

Now reload the game and you’ll be right back at the beginning. So you may select your new island, new character, new island name, and anything else you did when you initially began playing. So this is your answer to how to restart animal crossing new horizons.

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