Top 8 Misleading Food Labelings You Should Beware Of



4. All Natural Label

Don’t be fooled or misled by products that say “all natural or 100 percent natural.” The truth of the matter is, food manufacturers have been receiving several warning letters from the FDA regarding their food packaging that claims to be all natural. Whenever you see a food item on the market saying “all natural”, its label may not be telling the truth about what it contains. For instance, there are food items that are packed with high fructose corn syrup. Yet, they are marketed as all natural.

5. A Good Source Of Fiber

A lot of people follow a fiber-rich diet or consume food items that are a great source of fiber. This is why a lot of food marketers are claiming that their products are the best source of fiber or rich in fiber. A lot of consumers are not aware of the fact that these products do not have an actual good source. They do not contain traditional fibers such as vegetables, fruits, beans and grains. In fact, they are actually known as isolated fibers. They are made from a purified polydextrose powder or chicory root. According to medical research, these substances are known to lower the cholesterol or sugar level of the ones who consume them.

6. Cholesterol Free

With the increasing number of people with heart disease, high cholesterol level and other related diseases, more and more food items are sold and labeled as “cholesterol free.” Consumers are not aware that when a product says it is cholesterol-free, it does not necessarily mean it doesn’t have any trace of cholesterol in it. As a matter of fact, cholesterol-free products may contain more or less 2 mg per serving. On the other hand, there are also food items that are marketed as low-cholesterol. Chances are, these products usually contain more or less 20 mg of cholesterol per serving.