Top 8 Misleading Food Labelings You Should Beware Of


7. Farm Fresh

When you go grocery shopping, you might have already encountered a few food items that are labeled “farm fresh.” This is another marketing strategy that food manufacturers do in order to increase their sales and convince consumers to buy their product. The truth is, they are still packed with preservatives and other chemical substances to prolong their shelf life. Most of the time, farm-fresh products in the grocery stores are manufactured in food factories. If you really want to make sure that you are buying farm-fresh food products, buying from a farmer’s market or a stall on the side of a road is a great choice you can make.

8. Organic

In a society where there is an increasing number of people with various diseases or illnesses, a lot of consumers are more conscious of their health. They are more careful when it comes to the food items they buy from the grocery. With this, they prefer to purchase food items that are labeled “organic.” Little do they realize, most of the products with a label that says made with 100 percent organic ingredients must have at least 70 percent all ingredients that meet the usual standard. Still, you cannot be assured that they do not have any trace of pesticide or other harmful chemicals.

A Final Thought

Be a conscious consumer all the time. Most of the food labels you see on the market nowadays are marketing ploys. Of course, their primary aim is to effectively market their products and increase their sales. They make use of marketing strategies in order to reach their business goals. They are specifically created to convince people to purchase the product. With all the misleading food labelings and campaigning these days, you need to be careful in buying the food items you and your family eat on a regular basis. As much as possible, shop locally or purchase items from a local farmer’s market. Starting your own vegetable garden is a wise decision too. The next time you go grocery shopping, keep the ones mentioned above in mind. After all, health should always come first.