11 Foods That Speed Up The Ageing


5. Trans Fats

Foods rich in trans fats have always been considered unhealthy. Trans fats can make your skin look inflexible and stiff. It is because it can stiffen and clog the smaller blood vessels and arteries in your body. People are advised not to consume too much trans fats because it causes an inflammatory effect within the body. With too much consumption of trans fats, it leaves your skin wrinkled and older. With this, it is best to opt for healthy food choices.

6. Refined Oils

A lot of food companies market their processed oils as healthy and all natural. People should remember that this is just a marketing tactic that these companies do to increase their sales. The truth is, processed oils such as canola oil, soybean oil and other vegetable oils can lead to accelerated aging. Processed oils are polyunsaturated fats that may undergo oxidation in the body. When this happens, this causes inflammation inside your body. As a result, it damages your cell membranes, produces free radicals and contributes to faster aging. To prevent accelerated aging from happening, include healthy anti inflammatory fats in your diet. Foods that prevent inflammation include fish, nuts, olives, avocado and seeds.

7. Saturated Fat

It has been a common knowledge that a diet rich in saturated fat is not good for the heart. On the other hand, saturated fat has been found to contribute to skin aging. According to a research, women who consume foods that are packed with saturated fat are more prone to wrinkles and other signs of aging. As a general rule of thumb, make sure you follow a low fat diet and be conscious of what you eat.

8. Sweets

Do you have dull skin and fine lines on your face? Most probably, the reason for such is too much consumption of sweets or foods rich in sugar. Did you know that when you eat too much sweets, this may lead to glycation? According to a study, when you eat more sugar on a regular basis, it will lead to the production of excess sugar molecules. These molecules combine with your body’s protein, producing advanced glycation end products also known as AGEs. As much as possible, avoid eating too much candies, cakes, cookies and other sweet desserts.