Simple Ways to Cleanse Your Kidneys


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5. Ginger – One of the easiest ways to cleanse your kidneys is adding more ginger into your diet. The ginger has numerous antioxidant compounds that are key for kidney function. Adding the ginger to tea or water and drinking throughout the day will help to purify and cleanse the blood of toxins and reduce the workload of the kidneys.

6. Parsley – Parsley not only flushes the kidneys of toxins, it can treat urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Start with a small herb garden in your kitchen, and as the parsley grows, cut it and sprinkle it on salads or pasts sauce. Parsley can also be added to your water for a unique tea that will get to work even faster.

7. Berries – Most berries are rich in antioxidants, and they taste great too. These berries have unique disease fighting qualities and flush out uric acid from your kidneys. Make your own berry trail mix with some nuts and you can munch on them during the day when you get hungry. The berries lighten the workload of the kidneys and improve overall digestive health.

8. Marshmallow Root – Purchase the root of a marshmallow plant at your local grocery store, it can work like a diuretic and helps to maintain your kidneys. The marshmallow root helps treat urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and even bladder infections. This safe herb can even be taken several hours after prescription medication to inhibit their absorption.