8 Surprising Health Benefits of Elderflower


Elderflower and its health benefits

7. Helping Alleviate Allergies – Flower and tree pollen can wreak havoc on the eyes and noses of those who have allergies each year. In a surprising twist, this flower actually can help to lessen the symptoms associated with common allergies. The elderflower extract has been effective at reducing symptoms associated with sinusitis and pollen allergies. Rather than popping a pill at the first sign or red eyes or a runny nose, you can drink the juice each morning during allergy season and enjoy your day without those uncomfortable symptoms.

8. Improving Skin Conditions – With all health benefits of elderflower juice for the inside of the body, now we focus on how this plant can help heal the skin. The extract from this unique flower has been used to treat skin rashes, burns, or infections. The healing properties of the flower can also be used to fade freckles and to help to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes like acne. Rather than sink serious money into skin creams that are packed with toxic ingredients, you can restore your skin with this all-natural plant at a fraction of the price.

Now that you have more insight as to all the health benefits of elderflower juice, you might want to consider growing your own if you have the resources. This flower is in season from the last week of May until the first weeks of June, which is the ideal time to get picking them and start making use of all their healing properties. This plant thrives in a variety of wet and dry fertile soil conditions and prefers to be out in the sun most of the day.