The Top 5 Foods That Can Lead to an Increase in Snoring



Your snoring at night may actually be triggered by the foods that you are eating each day. Some people simply believe that they are snoring for health reasons or perhaps it is something that runs in the family, when in fact the cause could be in the foods that you are eating on a regular basis. There are many different foods that can have a negative effect on your health, and one of those issues could be an increase in your snoring. No while many people simply assume that caffeine would be a leading cause of snoring, you might be surprised to find it doesn’t appear on our list at all.

If you would like to try and curb your snoring, pay close attention to these top 5 foods that you could begin to avoid to increase your chance of having a good night’s sleep.

1. Wheat – Turn on any television show where a doctor is trying to help the audience to eat better, and you will find that time and time again they are promoting more wheat in the diet. While wheat can certainly offer a person many health benefits, it also can have a negative reaction for many folks. For those people who may be gluten-sensitive, the wheat in your diet could lead to inflammation in your airways. If your airways become inflamed, the passageways become smaller. When the airway is smaller, your body is gasping for more air as you sleep, resulting in that increase in snoring. The best way to find out if wheat is the cause of your snoring, talk to your doctor and see if you could be having a reaction to the wheat in your diet.