6 Things that Destroy Your Posture and Cause Different Problems Throughout Your Life


What Can Destroy Your Posture and Cause Different Problems Throughout Your Life

Evolution has been the key to everything. It helped men learn to hunt, play, walk and run. However, even evolution could not design mankind to spend long hours at desks or computers. Over time, human beings have adopted to various bad postures, which ruin general health and wellbeing. Due to this, there has been a major increase in different kinds of chronic conditions and pains. Poor body posture can cause a wide range of health disorders, such as acidity, headache, back pain and more. The worst impact of bad body posture is on your spine. If you do not treat the condition in time, it can lead to several health problems, which may be irreversible in the long run.

1.Slouching in a Chair

When you sit slumped without lower back support, it feels a lot more comfortable than sitting upright. The primary reason is that your spine requires less effort from the muscles. Over time, you get used to this position. Though slouching does not cause discomfort in the beginning, it can place excessive strain on your soft tissues and sensitized muscles. This strain increases tension and stiffness in your muscles. Over time, this leads to severe pain. You should develop a habit of sitting properly. In the beginning, it may not feel comfortable. However, it will make sure your muscles get conditioned to support your spine properly. There are various exercises to strengthen your buttock muscles, back extensions and core. They can help you deal with a slouching posture.

2.Sticking Your Bottom Out

In case you have a major curve in the lower back or your bottom sticks out, you may be suffering from hyper lordosis. This condition refers to an exaggerated inward curve in your lower back. It creates a “Donald Duck” posture. Excessive weight around your stomach, pregnancy and wearing high heels can cause this problem.

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