7 Things That Make Your Feet Smell Bad


Feet Hygiene
Having smelly feet can cause unpleasant moments. Medically, this condition is referred to as bromodosis. People usually end up trying all sorts of cures, however, this usually never work. At times, one may end up spending numerous resources looking for that magical cure. As most have discovered, finding a cure for smelly feet is not that easy. In order to treat smelly feet, there is a need to understand the cause of the condition. Consequently, the list below was made in a bid to demystify the predicament that has plagued humanity for ages.

1.Sweaty Feet

This condition is known as hyperhidrosis. It affects a sizeable chunk of the human population. Sweat in itself is odorless and does not stink. However, sweat, as most other bodily fluids, is made almost entirely of water. When one spends long hours with their feet covered, the sweat does not get a chance to escape. Instead, it tends to hang around inside the feet and create a very moist environment. This condition is only exacerbated if one wears very heavy socks. The heavy socks soak up the moisture and create the perfect conditions for the bacteria to breed. As this bacteria break down their food, they produce pungent gases as excrement. Thus, the sweating is not directly causative of the smelly feet. However, if one does have smelly feet, it is important to take various measures to keep them dry.

2.Certain Medications

The body is a very complex system. It works according to a very delicate biochemical cycle. As a result, any slight disturbance to this system can have disastrous consequences. For instance, the body has its own natural inbuilt mechanisms for dealing with pathogens that form on the surface of the skin. This takes place through various chemicals that are found within the chemical composition of the skin. When one begins to take some types of medications, they tend to mess with the body’s natural biorhythmic cycle. As a result, this may lower the body’s immunity. The result is that the body is unable to keep bacteria colonies in the foot in check. This causes them to grow out of control and produce repugnant odor. In addition, the medication can break down into compounds that exit the body through sweating. The feet have a disproportionately huge number of sweat glands. Thus, as the sweat accumulates, it leads to smelly feet.