7 Things That Make Your Feet Smell Bad


Feet Hygiene
3.The Body’s Natural Developmental Cycle

It is quite common for people to develop smelly feet at puberty. This is because the body is undergoing many changes. During the stage of puberty, there is increased metabolism. Various activities taking place in the body may mess up the body natural biochemical makeup. The number of sweat glands at this stage is increasingly tremendously, in line with other changes taking place in the body. The result is that the person’s body, especially the feet and armpits become very sweaty and smelly. This type of condition, instigated by puberty may or may not disappear towards the end poverty.

4.Lack of Proper Hygiene

Despite there being numerous causes of smelly feet, this is the most common culprit. Sometimes, people may not be willing to admit that this the real cause of the problem. It is common for individuals to put on the same socks without washing them. In addition, most individuals do not take into consideration the cleanliness of their shoes. As a result, it ends up affecting the bacteria levels in their feet. Bacteria take a very short time to multiply. Consequently, failing to keep all type of clothing and footwear clean can lead to one having very high levels of bacteria. When one puts on their dirty shoes or dirty socks, the bacteria begin to feast on the dead skin that flakes of the shoes. The excrement that they release is the cause of the smelly feet. It is important to note that even of the socks appear odorless after being work. Consequently, one should make an effort to thoroughly clean them before reuse.